I’m a working TV journalist and news presenter who can turn your space into a TV Newsroom — with an adrenaline filled workshop of deadlines, dilemmas and getting things done.  It’s the world I work in every week — and will build so much confidence in your team, they’ll be reading off my portable autocue at the end…

+ + + Curious about Newsroom Bootcamp for Business? Try it for yourself at my next event in Brighton on Friday 21 April. What’s not to like? — it’s held in the cabaret room in a pub! + + +
+ + + MANY THANKS for these Feedback Form comments from January’s Newsroom Bootcamp for Business: “challenging, fun, worthwhile, fast-paced, exciting, fascinating, team-building, interactive, whizzy, informative, useful, fast, motivating”. + + +
+ + + MANY THANKS to the Headteacher of Polegate Primary for this: “John, you were astute in judging children — one pupil who was very nervous overcame it all and at the end was much more confident.”
+ + + Just been inspired by 13 teenage Home Educated pupils on a course at Plumpton College, Lewes … from their teacher: “you tested them in ways I wouldn’t have dared to — and they rose to it.” + + +
+ + + Many thanks to Simon Mills at Hailsham Community College for this: “Thank you, John – your deftness at working with/supporting the students who were more insular made it a positive experience for them — your energy and warmth embraced them.”

Deadlines … Dilemmas … Getting Things Done ...

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