“This was fantastic — it was confidence building. It helped them make decisions for themselves … to speak up, to work under pressure — their faces lit up. This was absolutely worth dipping into the budget for.”
Alicia Moyles, Skills & Employability Manager.


"Not boring!" — the verdict of two members of staff …

A “CPD" jargon-free solution that worked for an boss in Kent …

An immediate, emotional impact in Horsham …


Introducing -- workshops for adults! My Confidence Boostcamp in Horsham really hit home ... with smiles all round at the end! Newsroom Bootcamp for Business will give your staff an instant adrenaline hit — in your office, without you needing to book a minibus and an assault course.  I use my many years’ continuing experience as a TV news reporter, presenter and trainer to turn your chosen venue into a TV newsroom -- including news camera and autocue!  Your staff will think fast, speak their minds, write snappily and step (a small distance) out of their comfort zones.   I can also include a short video of your newsreading team for your own social media or Vlog. 



I also offer Newsroom Bootcamp for Business as a relaxed two to three hour morning networking event -- when you discover what it's like to be a news editor.  You'll work in news-teams with new people, rather than simply chat to them over a drink.  You play the role of News Editor -- sharing an experience of deadlines, dilemmas and fun, in one of the funkiest venues Brighton has to offer.  I guarantee decent coffee, fresh pastries, stimulating debate -- and a behind-the-scenes insight into how TV news is made that you won't find anywhere else.  Give me a call to find out when my next networking event will be held. 


secret-lifeSecret Life of a News Bulletin is perfect as an add on element to an away-day of your own, or at an after-dinner event — leave me to create an illustrated talk with video excerpts that reveal what’s going on in the presenter’s ear … ensuring you’ll never watch the TV News in the same way again! These aren’t BBC products — but I do use my many years’ experience as a journalist and trainer to make them fly!

I provide ...

The credibility: I’m a TV news journalist they may have seen on air the night before, but with the training experience to connect.

The energy: my workshops are fast and fun, without forcing staff into physical or dangerous situations.

The empathy: I’m aware many of your staff may be dreading this event, and am experienced at overcoming that anxiety.

The take-away: I can provide you with a video of your team reading their headlines off my autocue for your own website, vlog etc!

The pre-chat: a preliminary consultation, in person or on the phone, to brief me on your staff needs.

The follow-up: all bookings include feedback forms distilled into my One Page Debrief Report, providing statistics and quotations on what has been achieved to help you justify the use of your budget to your own boss.

The necessary credentials: I am CRB/DBS checked, and have full public liability insurance.

You provide ...

group of staff — 15 to 25 is ideal, though I can work with smaller or larger numbers.

anything from one hour to a full day — I’ll fit in with your timetable.

a standard office/conference room with video and audio whiteboard or equivalent — I simply plug in my laptop, and we’re away!

a separate flipchart or equivalent, to record learning points and team scores.