Use the adrenaline of TV News to teach young people about deadlines, decision making, getting things done — Employability Skills at large!

  • That's you two on TV, guys -- because you had a go, and read off my autocue. Nice work at the Newman College (Hove) Employability & Careers Fair, July 2016. Cost per pupil: £4.15
  • Y12 Business Studies students at Hailsham Community College asked me to build their confidence -- we did it together!
  • They did it! Winners of Comfort Zone Breach Certificates of Achievement -- for reading off an autocue in front of their classmates at a Careers Day event at Cornwallis Academy, Maidstone. Cost per pupil: £6.15
  • On air out on the road two days a week -- in front of your pupils the rest of the time!
  • I couldn't ask for any more rewarding feedback than this from two Y10 pupils after an Employability Express workshop in Worthing. Cost per pupil: £4.20
  • On air! Clapperboard action amidst the deadlines at an English Enrichment Day for Eastbourne Academy. Cost per pupil: £5.16
  • Yes, that IS you! Squeals of joy after a Year 7 Enrichment Week treat — Canterbury Academy and Simon Langton Grammar School pooled resources for a collaborative success. Cost per pupil: £14.85
  • All smiles after a Pop Up Newsroom for Y6s in Eastbourne. Cost per pupil: £9.80
  • Getting hands on for DV8 vocational Y13s at my Employability Express in Bexhill. Cost per pupil: £10.15

How? Invite a TV News presenter, reporter and professional journalist trainer into your own classroom — with an affordable Employability Express or Newsroom Bootcamp workshop!

Your pupils will find that tackling deadlines – speaking, listening and reading carefully – sifting information fast – wondering what’s about to change … can all be fun … when it’s in a newsroom! With prices starting at £195, and discounts for Pupil Premium, you may find you’ve discovered a great way to prepare them for the exam hall and meet the government’s Employability Agenda.   Your pupils could even end up reading off my professional autocue!

“You’ve captured them in a different way from how, say, a book author might — this is real life, they see people like you on the TV — you’ve fired up those lads, you got them thinking … they’re buzzing with it.”
Lorraine Hayfield, Head of KS3 English, Homewood School, Tenterden
“Don’t think twice — this is so worthwhile, so varied, they were totally engaged — I’m going to badger our headteacher to get you back!”
Stephanie Newton, Causeway School Careers Department, Eastbourne
“What you’ve done in a few hours is going to last them a lifetime.”
Paul Darbyshire, Business & Vocational Education Department, Felpham Community College, West Sussex
“This was inspirational. The teachers who’ve seen what’s been happening this morning have all been saying that this is definitely worth dipping into the budget for.”
Hannah Rhodes, Chilton Primary School, Ramsgate
“The fact that you’re a professional, bringing proper equipment, that makes it far more real — this is definitely value for money.”
Amelia Stoner, Head of Media Studies, Bishop Bell School, Eastbourne
“This was really, really helpful — it’s quite tricky to engage this type of learner for two hours — but every single person has taken something from it.”
Kirsten Brown, St John’s (Special Needs) College, Brighton

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Sounds fun but you’re focussing on exams?

My workshops may allow your pupils to have fun reading off an autocue and handling a news camera, but they’re not touchy feely. They’re tough. I focus on quick thinking, deadlines, surprises, delivery — and hone in on what the National Curriculum and Employability Agenda demands of you.

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